Case Studies of Client Results

Case studies

Case Studies of Client Results

Case Studies

Achieving desired results for clients is the bottom line of my business. The following case studies cover a variety of clients, and include both training and coaching programs. You may see similar situations and objectives in your own organization as you review these.

 5 Case Studies

 Communication Skills to Launch Company Wide Managerial Operating System

Interpersonal communication skills & strategies were needed on and between all levels to implement a new managerial operating system the company had staked its strategic plan on.
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Avoiding Union Implementation with Improved Managerial Style and Communication

I work respectfully with all union and non-union shops and people. This manufacturer felt it could better serve its customers—and its employees—by remaining non-union. The solution was to improve how managers and foremen communicated with their employees.
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Improving R & D Manager and Department Skills to End Conflicts, Achieve Development Milestones

A brilliant team (manager and direct reports) at a major pharmaceutical manufacturer were stuck in harsh internal conflicts, reducing collaboration, innovation, and missing important new drug development milestones.
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Reducing Costly Errors and Equipment Downtime in a Manufacturing Plant

A private label foods manufacturer and packager was experiencing increased product and container damage; costly equipment malfunctions which shut down production lines; late customer shipments; and too many errors.
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Public Sector: Resolving Township Department Conflict

Internal conflicts, past disagreements, a need for more people skills, and lack of a clear communication channel was costing this township an estimated $800.00 per week (or $41,000 annually).
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