Communication Skills to Launch Company
Wide Managerial Operating System

The client is a manufacturer and distributor of engineered components, systems,
tools, and other products serving municipalities and authorities in utility applications.

Case Studies


The company was ready to implement a new managerial operating system throughout the organization to improve its business focus, operating systems, and customer service and responsiveness, but determined that the interpersonal communication skills & strategies needed to do so weren’t present. This put the new operating system, and the investment in it, at the risk of delays and a less than effective implementation.


1. We studied and learned the new managerial operating system they were about to implement in order to thoroughly understand it and identify what communication skills and strategies were needed, and where.

2. I held discussions with management to determine and agree upon the outcomes to be achieved; their expected value; measures of success; and an approach and structure which was revised as necessary.

3. Highly flexible training was designed to respond to new and related needs and situations as the program unfolded; cover the agreed-upon curriculum; deliver skills, not lectures (no PowerPoint presentations were used), and to immediately apply skills to workplace situations.

4. Skill reinforcement took place over time instead of having participants work alone; it also addressed new situations as they occurred.


 > The company gained the skills & strategies needed to successfully implement its new managerial operating system as they keystone of its strategic plan.

> People invested more time listening to and understanding each other.

Improved communication between departments that had often been at odds with each other (sales and engineering) resulting in improved prospective and existing customer responsiveness.

Increased problem solving; avoidance of conflicts; improved resolution of concerns and issues.

 Free people to communicate & do more productive work.

Conversations at Work helps people in organizations have the workplace
conversations they’ve been avoiding—and improve productivity.

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