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Productive Workplace Conversations

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The purpose of this program is to help your people communicate as effectively as they do their jobs. When they do, communication in the form of conversations that need to happen on and between all levels of your organization occurs. The results include a desire to contribute; increased application of abilities; better information and work flow; fewer internal problems and obstacles; and a more responsive and capable organization. More productive, too.

This is what Productive Workplace Conversations
helps organizations achieve

Why so many important workplace conversations remain unspoken

>The fear of experiencing negative reactions from other people, including defensiveness, being criticized or rebuked, losing their cooperation, or being vulnerable to retaliation, stops many people from communicating.

>A lack of skills or comprehensive skills training. Most supervisors and managers are still promoted without the benefit (and results) of having them.

> Not feeling comfortable that it’s safe to talk openly and politely. For many employees and direct reports, including managers, it’s less risky to keep their heads down, and be silent.

>The organization’s management style or culture haven’t supported open communication and collaboration. When it isn’t practiced from the top, it often isn’t practiced down the organization, either. Or, it hasn’t been identified as a need, or seen as a priority.

The results your people would rather have instead

1. More ability to communicate effectively and get more done, working through and with other people. And feeling good about it.

2. More comfort to talk with others about work topics without fear. And getting cooperation, respect, and improved results.

3. More productive work gets done with fewer obstacles, people ones included.

4. More satisfaction in knowing that we’re all working on the same page, for and with each other, as a unified team.

5. More learning, being able to do more, making a contribution, and helping to create a stand-out organization.

6. More desire to come to work because we want to, not because we have to.


Services & Programs

Help your people communicate as effectively as they do their jobs.

Encourage more comfort to talk with others about work topics without fear.


“Since you worked with our employees and management team, we’re working much more effectively as a group, and understand that our best efforts come from communicating openly, and developing positive work relationships.”
- Jack Lee

Supervisor, Summit Township

What will participants learn in this program?

• A package of two-way communication skills that enables individuals, teams, and departments to collaborate, resolve, and produce.

• Making it safe for individuals, teams, and departments to share information, needs, concerns, and requests on and between all levels of the organization.

• Avoiding and solving problems sooner; focusing on more strategic and revenue-producing tasks.

• Turning destructive conflicts into beneficial collaboration and solutions.

• Building more productive work relationships based on mutual respect and gain instead of fear and blame.

• Being more effective at getting results working through and with other people.

• Improving internal operating efficiencies and productivity.

• Making previously unspoken conversations spoken, benefitting the entire organization, and its customers and stakeholders.

What you and your team receive with this program

Productive Converstions at WorkBefore the program begins, we’ll identify the key metrics needed to help measure the program’s success, and will review them during the program in order to make adjustments if necessary, and at the end of the program.

In order to achieve their objectives, most clients require 12 to 16 hours of on-site training and instruction, delivered in three or four hour sessions at two to three week intervals, in addition to other services below.

Participants will have reading to complete ahead of time, which will give them a foundation for communicating more effectively, and developing more productive work relationships.

Skill reinforcement begins during training and continues for 3 months after its conclusion, so that new skills are learned and applied to different workplace situations as they occur. This is an essential and missing ingredient in most training programs.

>Learning Partners System. Two or more participants will pair up to practice new skills, and get feedback on how well they’re using them. This begins after the first session to build-in accountability and reinforcement.

>Assignments between Sessions. Participants will have assignments to complete between each session, and report on their progress to their manager and the trainer.

>Follow-Up Workshops.  Conducted 1 month, 3 months, and 9 months after the initial training, depending on the group’s progress. Typically 2 to 4 hours each.

>Live Video Skill Reinforcement Sessions. Scheduled with small groups to work on new applications as they occur, and to review program content. 15 to 40 minutes.

>Coaching Sessions. For individuals needing more help or skill application; 2 sessions per participant are included.

>Ongoing Access with Trainer. Participants may email or contact the trainer by phone with questions, or for additional help, for a period of 6 months.

The best combination of these services is determined for each client.

Is this program a good fit for your team and organization?

This program has been conducted for small and medium-sized companies in a variety of industries, including high technology, pharmaceutical, mechanical components manufacturing, artisan cheeses, ophthalmic instruments, and others.

The program is tailored for each client’s specific challenges, business situations, workforce, management, industry, and objectives.

It’s a highly effective program for organizations that:

-Are ready to end wasteful and unnecessary internal obstacles caused by a lack of internal communication or conversations.

-Want to improve internal operating efficiency, information flow, and productivity on and between different levels.

-Desire to apply more of the potential their people and organization already have.

-Need to improve the skills and results existing managers achieve with peers and employees. Also effective for newly promoted or first time managers; those about to be promoted to manager; and managers needing improved people skills.

-Want to gain more employee cooperation; two-way communication; and improved performance.

What could be next?

 If what you’ve read so far appeals to you, I invite you to consider scheduling a complimentary Improving Communication & Productivity Strategy Session.

I promise you this will not be a sales pitch or presentation.

In 30 minutes by phone or in person, we’ll review your current situation, business challenges, the results that you want to achieve, and determine if this program is a fit for your organization.


Please complete this request for your session.

That’s it, and we’re well on our way.
Thank you.

 Free people to communicate & do more productive work.

Conversations at Work helps people in organizations have the workplace
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