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Outside of the work that people do, communicating about it takes up a substantial amount of our time, yet many conversations about important workplace concerns, needs, and issues never take place, or remain unspoken. This is costly and detrimental for almost every organization.

Conversations at Work specializes in helping organizations implement communication skills and strategies to increase productivity using highly-interactive and relevant programs that your people help design, so they want to use them.

Productive Workplace 

A comprehensive two-way communication skills program to improve information and productivity between managers and employees; peers; directors and executive teams; departments; managers; and middle and upper management.
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Ongoing Performance

Achieve the real purpose behind performance appraisals and improve employee performance all year. Using “in the moment” coaching isn’t time-consuming, and makes performance appraisals easier.
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 Free people to communicate & do more productive work.

Conversations at Work helps people in organizations have the workplace
conversations they’ve been avoiding—and improve productivity.

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